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Visual Studio (2005 and 2008) add-ons for WSS.
- schema.xml explorer

Add-on is available for Visual Studio 2008.

To enable, go to View-> Other Windows-> Schema Explorer

To work with, select a schema.xml file in the solution explorer, the window will be filled with a tree containing most of the elements. Select one node from the tree and you can inspect it through the Properties Window.
This version allows to create and delete nodes i the schema, update node's attributes and save the modifications. A basic xml editor is included (to access it, select the node you want to edit, and on the property tab push the XML button to switch to the XML property tab. Edit the field content by pushing the ellipse button)

Important notes:

Use Save button from the add-in window and not the default Save button from Visual Studio. Changing the selected schema.xml file in Solution Explorer, changing tabs of different opened schema files or refreshing without saving first will loose all the changes.
The changes made to schema.xml using the Visual Studio xml editor, will not be updated to the add-in, until they are saved to file and you hit refresh button.
The modification done using the add-in will not change any of the standard views from VS (for example by adding the * for a modified file). There is no un-do functionality implemented, once you save no rollback.

schemaxml editor.JPG

Adding and deleting nodes is done using the context menu on each node:

schemaxml editor context menu.JPG

Really basic XML editor could be used to edit the inner XML of each field. But it will be a good idea to avoid it and use the Visual Studio's own editor for this.

schemaxml editor XML.JPG

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